From: Franto Hruz

What I'm offering you today is my entire collection of Ebay related products. I believe this is the biggest and most comprehensive collection of Ebay materials available together in one package. What I've assembled here is a massive library of ebooks (jam packed with information to make your Ebay venture a success), and software programs which will increase your productivity and profit!

But just wait until you hear the coolest part ...

Most of this collection includes RESALE RIGHTS, which means you can turn around and sell them for 100% profit. You can even sell them right on eBay!

If you were to go out and buy each of them seperately, you would literally be spending thousands of dollars.

Please check out these valuable resources and join the millions who have already discovered a lifestyle of fun and prosperity on eBay!




1. Auction Explosion

Auction Explosion!

Get Bids Even When Bidding is Bad!

Maria says "I started selling on eBay approximately 3 years ago. When I first became an eBay seller, items sold like crazy.

Over the past year, I saw that items were not bringing as many bids as they used to, and decided to figure out a way to ensure that I always had a best selling product whether bidding times were bad or not."

She shares her secrets of success with you in this ebook!

2. Auction Hints 2

In 2000 the original Auction Hints was a HUGE hit. In the new version Jim Wilson tells everything he has learned since he wrote the first version and in addition he has updated all of those rule changes eBay instituted.

Add to this the new software we placed right in the ebook for download and with this one resource you have enough to get you started on the road to eBay success.

3. 101 Auction Secrets Revealed

Do you . . .

  • Want to make more money with your auctions?
  • Decrease the amount of time you spend listing your auctions?
  • Decrease the amount of time you spend filling orders?
  • Want to know the best products to sell?
  • Tips and tricks on how to make your ads look better?
  • When to list and end your auction?
  • How to get people to LOOK at them?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you need this ebook! You will learn everything above and more in 101 Auction Secrets Revealed!

4. 101 Auction Sources Exposed

Turn eBay into a 24/7 Cash Generating Machine!

The Last Point-and-Click Wholesale Source Directory You'll Ever Need!

5. Jim Wilsons Ebay Secrets

The transcript of a two hour interview in which all of Jim's eBay business secrets are revealed. How he got started, where he get his products and how he allowed his business to grow. It is all in here.

Also, comes with ready to use web pages!

6. Ebay Secrets By David Vallieres

What No One Else Will Ever Tell You About Making Money on the Web's Most Popular Trading Site!

Over 2 years of research went into the development of this ebook written by David Vallieres. I have made special arrangements to offer it to you here at 1/3 the price it normally sells for!

7. Ebay Marketing Secrets E-Course

Written by an accomplished eBay seller, this ebook is full of information for beginners to eBay and other online auctions. Purchase of this ebook gives you FULL RESELL rights! Learn and earn with this ebook!

Comes with ready to use web pages!

8. How To Get Bids Like Crazy!

This ebook written by an experienced and successful online marketer is full of excellent information to help you get more bids on your online auctions!

Simple, yet effective tips you've probably never even thought of!

9. The iNet Wholesale Select Ebook

One of the simplest ways to find online suppliers.

Simply point and click to them! Hundreds of suppliers offering literally thousands of items.

10. Make Money On Ebay The Simple Way

This ebook was written for beginners and it explains in simple easy to understand steps how to become an eBay seller today.

From listing to pricing your auctions, to even a few tips on how to professionally handle non-paying bidders. You'll find solutions to some of the more complex problems that seller's encounter when selling today!

11. Powerseller Secrets

Get the private success secrets of 25 eBay Power Sellers -- Secrets that they are using every day to make big dollar money from eBay.

Comes with ready to use web pages!

12. Secret Ebay Marketing

How To Quickly And Easily Turn An Hour A Day On eBay, Into Thousands Of Dollars In Monthly Profits! Whether you're brand new to eBay and the internet, or even if you've been selling on eBay for a while but are looking for higher profits.

I guarantee you'll find information here that can help you achieve that, much more quickly and easily than you might have thought possible.

Comes with ready to use web pages!

13. Using NLP On Ebay

Would you like to hypnotize your potential bidders into purchasing your items? I am sure you do, we all do and now you can with NLP! You must realise that you are not the only one trying to make a profit on eBay.

Many people have turned eBay into their careers . It's a constant fight for the customers attention and ultimately their bid. Now you can have one advantage over most other sellers that will produce results you never dreamed possible!

14. Ebay Marketing Secrets

Receiving over 1.5 billion page views per month, eBay is the ULTIMATE venue for selling virtually any goods and making huge profits with almost no effort.

eBay Marketing Secrets 2002 provides easy to understand and detailed instructions for maximizing your profits with selling strategies that are PROVEN WINNERS!

15. Auction Traffic!

This ebook will show you how to create huge amounts of traffic to your website using online auctions. It also explains in detail how to run a successful online auction business.

By understanding the in's & out's of auctions, you can truly put the information into practice effectively and create unlimited amounts of traffic and generate endless sales!

16. Automated Ebay Sales

Find out how to sell more on eBay while saving time. You'll find organization tips to creative auction links in this handy little ebook!

17. Auction Money Machine

How will this ebook help you? It's simple. . .

  • You will discover how to start an online auction business.
  • You will learn how to automate your business for maximum efficiency.
  • You will find 7 sources for quality products to auction on eBay, and much much more!

18. Ebay Pirates

In this hot, new ebook, you will learn the techniques the pro's use and how you can adopt these techniques like a true eBay Pirate!

This complete guide to eBay also features a section of the best, FREE online auction software products that you can download and start using instantly!

This ebook alone is worth the price of this package.

19. Ultimate Guide To Hidden Web Bargains

How to get FREE or nearly free merchandise online!

Starting Now!

20. The Ebay Reports

A step by step approach and a strategy to apply to virtually any product on eBay. With over 1000 categories, you can sell anything on eBay.

Choosing what to sell is one of the most important considerations.

21. Auction Prophet

You will learn:
  • Best times to post auctions
  • Secrets of feedback
  • How to spot suspicious sellers
  • Super power searching
  • How to bid like a pro
  • & more

22. Automated Ebay Money Machine

Once you've read this new resource (it shouldn't take you more than an hour), you'll have a very clear and concise action plan detailing the exact steps you need to take to start, manage, and profit from your own online auction home based business.

23. How To Increase Auction Profits

In this ebook you will learn:
  • 10 effective ways to reduce your business costs
  • 12 ways to create an order-pulling niche
  • 10 ways text can impact your reader's buying decision
  • 10 mind altering words that make people buy
  • 10 motivational triggers that make people buy
  • 10 tips for writing a profit producing ad

And much, much more!

24. The Basics Of Starting An Ebay Business

Read this ebook and be armed with the knowledge necessary for an extremely lucrative home based business selling virtually anything on eBay.

25. How To Suck Up Hungry Customers Faster
Than A Vacuum Cleaner On Steroids!

Expands on "Make Your Net Auction Sell!" by revealing FOUR ways that ANY online business can use auctions to attract large numbers of customers. Two of these ways are used by some sellers - but almost no one does a good job with them.

The last two ways are used by nobody. In thousands of online auctions, I have never seen even one listing that truly uses the power of auctions. Absolutely unique information.

26. Create Income By Selling On Ebay

Would you like to learn how to start earning a full time income by selling on eBay?

This great ebook will show you everything you need to know!

27. Ebay Auction Aid

Written by 6 year veteran eBay Power Seller, Robbin Tungett of Virtual Notions, Inc. She has helped over 30,000 online sellers over the past 6 years!

One of the best selling ebooks offered regarding online auctions.

28. Auction Tid Bits

Tid Bits of useful auction information from many different successful auction sellers:

Robbin K. Tungett, Barbara Ling, Gary Hendrickson, George Chapin, Jim Cockrum, Jim Kaiser, Jim Wilson, Karol Gajda, Neil Bartlett, Ricky Allen, Scott D. Prock, John Reese, Louis Allport, Skip McGrath and Sydney Johnston.

Each of them jumped at the chance to share their knowledge with you!

Bonus Items

Bonus 1 - Mining Gold From Ebay

Thousands now make a full-time income from their own business who never thought they could!

Their secret isn't in who they know, a college education, or finding investors. Their secret equalizes the playing field between people just like you and big businesses who USED to have a strangle hold on the market.

The magic tool that allows anyone a chance to make a full-time income from home? eBay!

Bonus 2 - How To Sell Ebooks Properly On Ebay

The 90 Day Powerseller Challenge

Do you sell E-Books on eBay? Do you want to start selling E-Books on eBay? If so, this is the book for you. I assure you, if you have just started selling E-Books or have been selling them for years you will benefit from this ebook.

Even if you don't know what an E-Book is you will be able to make money selling E-Books!

Bonus 3 - Three Minute Headline Creator

With the three minute headline creator . . .

  1. All you do is type in your benefit statement which I'll show you exactly how to create.
  2. Click a button.
  3. Then click another button and instantly generate over 100 headline combinations for you to choose from!

That's it!

Bonus 4 - Auction-O-Matic

Automatically create Auction Ads that really hit potential bidders between the eyes without ANY programming!

Auction-O-Matic produces great results but also saves you time preparing your advert for submission. Because of the simple way everything is laid out, it only takes you a couple of minutes from start to finish. The end result is a stunning interactive auction advert - even if you're a complete beginner.

Bonus 5 - Info Product Marketing Secrets

Finally - Five Top Marketers Reveal Exactly How To Make At Least $10,000 In Profits Every Single Month Selling Information Online ... 100% Guaranteed!

Louis Allport recently spent six hours grilling five marketers who sell information online (and make very high monthly profits) about exactly how they do it.

And here's the best bit -- they answered ALL his questions in gruesome detail!

Bonus 6 - Sell Wholesale Goods & Websites on eBay

Learn where the top sellers are going to get fresh wholesale leads on a daily basis. If you are on the up and up you will be the first to access the NEW PRODUCTS and sell them first!

You will have free access to thousands of wholesalers waiting to take your orders. And NO you do not have to pay to use these wholesalers.

Bonus 7 - Ebay Feedback - Keeping It Positive

In 'eBay Feedback - Keeping it Positive' I lay out all you need to know to
Obtain and Maintain a Healthy and Positive eBay Feedback Rating.

Learn about . . .

  • eBay rules and regulations
  • Feedback abuse and removal
  • Mutual feedback withdrawal
  • Obtaining and maintaining a positive feedback rating
  • Effective communication
  • Non-paying bidders
  • Quality service techniques
  • Choosing the right products


Bonus 8 - Ebay Info Profits

Not only are you about to find out how to get rid of some of the biggest pains in the butt related to running an eBay business, but you are about to find out how to sell and where to get the most profitable kind of products you can possibly sell on eBay.

So what kind products am I talking about? I am talking about digital information products!

Bonus 9 - Your Own Instant Ebay Store

This Profitable Turnkey Business Solution includes a customisable, ready made web site that's packed full of all the products above to sell.

Ready made, brandable lead capture reports, training guides, articles and hot selling software.

Simply plug in your own payment processor links and upload it to your web host and you're in business. Everything is done for you.

In Ten Minutes You Can Be Up And Running!

You Get A Complete Ready Made Master Site:

Ready Made Main Page - Individual Product Sales Pages - Order Page - Articles Pages - Article Template Pages - Download Page Template Pages

The total selling price for all these products comes to well over $600 but you can grab everything you can see above for only . . .




Now Only $38.-

Toronto, Canada